HyperionX is focused on empowering entrepreneurs to grow and collaborate on ideas by way of custom smart contracts via blockchain, generating globally verified, border-less business agreements.

A proprietary framework termed, Gemunomics, leverages cutting edge technology with integrated game design to forge engaging interactions that promotes cooperation among autonomous business entities within a secure environment.

Consensus Algorithm

Blockchain Rating System

Team Match Making

Globally Scalable

Evolving how the world does business

Peerion Smart Market Ecosystem


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Tree Token

Cryptocurrency airdrop referral bounty bot


Hyper Token cryptocurrency bounty page

Hyper Token

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Hyperion full blockchain research paper
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Welcome to the Peerion Ecosystem

On Peerion, a user begins a transaction by using their TREE. There are a number of transactions that can be made, like buying a product, posting an ad, or casting a vote.


For Example...




A node is any user who
stakes their TREE in the network in order to acquire
tokens from processing transactions.

The transaction enters the
AI Neural Network where
it is processed and sent
to the nodes for verification

This tree represents a solicitor named Ted. He owns a Gallery and wants
people to see what he has for sale,
so he uses his TREE to post an


The AI reads the

Blockchain and pools

fees into Nimbus

Ted's Transaction was verified and is added to the Tree Blockchain



This is Sarah, she 
loves art and chose to watch
Ted's Ad. By doing so, she gets air-dropped tokens
from Nimbus

The Ecosystem

An anticipated shift in the way people think about economy and community is upon us. The timing of blockchain is visceral in the landscape of current technological growth. As the world draws closer to full automation, the relationship between the workforce and the current job structure will adjust accordingly. Hyperion acts as a bridge of cooperation, creating a synergistic web of support to revitalize the global equilibrium.

A decentralized free market ecosystem layered on the Gemunomic Framework will incubate entrepreneurship and true autonomy through intuitive interactions among global communities. This incubation will give everyone the ability to earn a living and be free to pursue ideas, passions and personal improvement, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Let's imagine the community as a planet, and start with the layers of the Ecosystem...


The life force that stimulates the ecosystem.

Protocol Layer
Allows for decentralized computation of sensitive data in any environment.

A.I. Neural Network
Dozens of platforms such as marketplaces and AI exchanges can be supported.


Secures and verifies the network through the use
of public key cryptography.

Blockchain Application Layer
Enables thousands of truly decentralized apps
that require private computation.


Tree Token Propagation

We believe in properly distributing the power to give everyone a fighting chance. 300 million tokens are going to be locked up for the team, advisers and bounties. The remaining 700 million tokens will be available as follows:

The Seedling Phase is the private pre-sale. There is a $500,000 token sale cap. Once this goal is reached, the next phase will be scheduled for launch. 

Seedling (Pre-Sale)

Sapling (Whitelist)

The Tree Token Whitelist Phase will be 15 days long, for a pre-determined amount of tokens, broken down into 3 scaling bonus tiers. At the end of the 15 days, any remaining tokens will be locked up, and added to a pool for the community.

Tree Propagation

The Tree Token Propagation Phase is a proportional distribution sale and will be broken down into a pre-determined amount of stages with a 24 hour contribution window for each stage. Each stage will have a set token amount available for bidding. The tokens are automatically distributed via smart contract.

Share the Power



100% transparency through the entire token sale thanks to Ethereum’s smart contract technology. Receipt of incoming contributions and token distribution will all be on public ledger for everyone to audit.

There is not a token price, the community defines its balance. The tokens will be distributed proportional to the amount of ETH received. This will guarantee that everyone has an equal chance to participate and will deter large entities.

The TREE Token distribution will take place over multiple days. We believe this will give ample time for people to familiarize themselves with our project, watch our growth, join our community and get a chance to be a part of the distribution.

Token Distribution

Core Team 
100% of tokens will have 2 years vesting with 6 month cliffs.
Partners & Advisors 
50% of tokens will have 6 months vesting with 3 month cliffs.
Bounty & Airdrops 
100%  of tokens will be added into the pool to support the growth of the platform

Revenue Allocation

Hire experienced developers to ensure the best possible product
Create a strong global network to solidify brand and stimulate token
Recruit skilled lawyers and business partners to prepare us for global expansion

Research & Development


Business Development




Bounty / Air-Drop





Tree Token

Hyper Token

Market Utility

TREE is needed for all internal operations within the Hyperion
ecosystem. A few use cases are: utilization of the marketplaces for selling and buying products and services, listing and watching of smart ads, full array of backend automation and business tools, interactions and tipping between peers, establishing a Masternode to collect rewards for verifying the network, voting rights etc.

Special XP Utility

HYPE is for utilization of future DApps, games, tools and other features developed within the the Peerion platform. Think of Hyper Token as Peerion’s experience points and the first token use-case for the Gemunomic Framework. There will not be a token sale. The only way to collect Hyper Token is from being active within the community, playing games, reaching milestones, collecting airdrops etc.



January 2018:
Idea sprouted

February 2018:
v.1 Whitepaper

Website developed

March 2018:
New York team formed
DevOps advisor recruited

April 2018:
Establish HQ in New York
v.1.2 Whitepaper

May 2018:
Launch marketing campaign

Tampa design office expansion
Website revamp

June 2018
Expert adviser recruitment
Tokenomics outline

July 2018
Private funding initiates

Partner recruitment

September 2018 
Marketing efforts expand

Community efforts start


October 2018
Global marketing campaign initiates

MVP development initiates

November-December 2018

Developer recruitment
v.2.0 Whitepaper / Website

Business partnerships
Expand development team

Gemunomic Framework
Peerion web-based MVP

Totem Token game launch

Ethereum integration
Decentralized market
Peerion Prototype 3.0

v.1 Technical Paper
v.1 User Manual

HotSpot integration
Market integration

Nimbus integration 

Stream integration

Start Global Expansion

Q4 2019: testnet 
Q1 2020: mainnet

dApp development
dApp scalability

Peerion dApp MVP launch
v.2 user manual

Global scalability
Open network



development initiated



Peerion Integration

Launch of Tree Blockchain

Chain Independence

True Decentralization

Peerion Integration

Token Swap




Peerion Marketplace Explainer Videos


© Copyright 2019 by HyperionX

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