A Brief Look At HyperionX

Peerion + Tree Blockchain

Peerion will act as a decentralized, autonomous, free market ecosystem, or a ‘Smart Market’ which will create a network like a root system, interconnecting all individual “Trees” or peers around the world, giving anyone and everyone the ability to contribute to the ecosystem. Think of a new peer as a new seedling planted in the ecosystem, and as the peer grows within the community, so does their Tree. Their ability within the community will depend on their current stage. There will be 3 main stages of growth (Seedling, Sapling, Tree), with 3 levels in each stage. Peerion is helping to create a network of trading, sharing and support. It is their mission to present people with the idea of a decentralized world, where people have the ability to become self sufficient and flourish as an individual within a network of growth.

Peerion’s User Experience (UX)

Users or ‘Peers’ are the life force that stimulate Peerion’s Ecosystem. Peers of the platform will have many ways to to utilize Tree and Hyper Token, by interacting with peers, and listing goods, services, content, ads and surveys in the marketplace. Memberships will always be free forever, but there will be a loyalty program put into place to help stimulate the ecosystem. Tokens will give access to different features on the platform depending on a combination of their activity, tokens and reputation. All peers will have the ability to petition for changes and additions, as well as cast votes on current ballots and disputes that occur inside of the ecosystem.

Hotspot™ will be the location where the entire community interacts. It will be a spot for peers to connect, discuss, trade ideas, and share content. The Greenhouse Incubator™ will be a part of Hotspot, and will give a peer the ability to unlock powerful tools and features to help them grow their Tree tall and mighty as they progress through their levels and stages.

Nimbus AI Cloud Peerion Nimbus Clouds are used for local data storage, giving you the ability to choose what data is shared with the network, as well as used for tipping and airdrops. Every new peer that joins Peerion, will be issued their own Nimbus cloud.

“Our Nimbus Technology accumulates fees in the pool, vaporizes and condenses them through our neural network, and distributes them to contributors through our automated precipitation process. It will include a Make It Rain feature, for when the Nimbus cloud gets too saturated, or more technically when the pool reaches a certain amount of Token, Nimbus will airdrop tokens to all current active peers in that moment of time.”


For each transaction that occurs through Peerion, a small fee will be taken and added into a pool to support the ecosystem. This fee will be decided by an algorithm that calculates current active peers, average token transactions, and accumulation of contributors compensation via smart contract.

Blockchain Identity + Rating

There needed to be a solution guaranteeing peer legitimacy, so they decided to incorporate a blockchain rating system. This will keep each peer identified through their public key, while keeping their actual identity private, with the ability to create a username if so desired. Tied to their public key will be a rating, this rating represents the peer’s transaction integrity. The score is based on ratings and reviews from peers they interacted with. This will promote an engaging social atmosphere, where it is in everyone’s best interest to act their best selves and make lasting connections, empowering their network and the Peerion community.

Kabba AI: Deep neural network

The neural network for the platform, which its major function is to connect relevant peers within the appropriate markets utilizing introspection tools to boost efficiency and overall productivity. It will track market patterns, trending items, prices, statistics, etc. Kabba will also include an integrated NLU algorithm. Basically, a personal assistant who can talk, learn and grow, while supplying powerful tools and connecting peers to the appropriate channels to maximize your potential.

Blockchain Specifications

As Peerion is built on a custom blockchain, it is necessary to design a consensus algorithm suitable for the Peerion Ecosystem. Requirements are to be independent of a peer’s hardware and incentivize validating peers to stay online, together this will provide stable response time of the system. The solution for this task our unique algorithm called “proof-of-passion”, which is based on up-time and reputation. Benefits of utilizing the POP algorithm are as follows:

1) Suitable for public networks

2) Does not depend on wealth

3) Eco-friendly - energy efficient

4) Does not depend on hardware capabilities

5) Incentivizes users to stay online by ranking them by their up-time

6) Incentivizes users to remain honest by ranking them by their reputation score


Hyperion’s concept will be slightly different from normal Masternodes, which they call Mitochondria™, and are responsible for producing new blocks and validating transactions. Tree Blockchain Masternodes are the Mitochondria™ of the ecosystem, because they are known as the powerhouse of a cell. They provide the energy to run and maintain the system, which is the exact role of the Tree Blockchain Mitochondria.

Cross Pollination™ will be Tree Blockchain’s own version of Atomic Swaps, which will enable trading of data across other blockchains without the need for a 3rd party. They want to help contribute to the development of the Internet of Blockchains, a truly decentralized internet.

Funding Stages

Hyperion’s unique token distribution method will occur in 3 stages: the first stage is the Seedling Stage (presale); then the Sapling Stage(whitelist); and finally the Tree Stage (public sale) or Tree Propagation™, which hosts 600 million tokens that will be broken down into 300 phases, each containing 2 million tokens, with a 23 hour contribution window. 1 hour a day is allotted for daily distribution, in which the tokens are distributed accordingly via automated smart contract.


The TREE Token distribution will take place over 315 days. This will give ample time for people to familiarize themselves with the project, watch Hyperion’s growth, join the community and get a chance to be a part of the propagation sale. There is not a token price, the community defines its balance. The tokens will be distributed proportional to the amount of ETH received. This will guarantee that everyone has an equal chance to participate and will deter large entities. As an early contributor, you solidify your place within the community at the ground floor of a project designed for the people. Learn more by reading our full whitepaper: https://bit.ly/2UParIt Join our public Telegram | Join our public Discord


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