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All About Automation

Disruptive Technology

The word disruption brings fear to many because it can be translated as ‘a disturbance’ or ‘interruption of common practice.’ Many progressive technologies are viewed as disruptive because they alter the regular processes that are considered normal.

Fear of Change

Automation is the latest trend that is contributing to the increased fear of change in the general population. Most consider automation to be the death of the middle class due to the fact that job loss will be attributed to the automated tasks of moderate to low salary positions. The truth of the matter is that automation and labor work hand in hand. An experienced mind utilizing an automated process can exponentially increase efficiency. The ultimate goal of automation is to maximize output, which can be done cooperatively between human and machine.

According to Brooking Metro’s 2019 Automation & AI Report, no occupation will be untouched and roughly 61% of the U.S. population will be vulnerable to a change in role based on the inheritance of automation in the workplace. But this is nothing new to society, as automation has always affected jobs. It is a process that is undertaken due to the enhancements that machines can bring to products and services: higher quality and quantity that correlates with decreased costs.

A Reason for Automation

The world is ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. People and businesses maximizing the number of tasks performed by machines will spawn new outlets for time, which can be used to generate refreshing ideas and produce an entirely new set of tasks. The education of progressive technologies in a simplistic and rewarding way is how the general public can learn to embrace change. Constant training that facilitates an easy onboarding process will bring about an overall support for modern technology.

People want to know that they will be supported by the more recent, technological innovations. The Pew Research Center stated that there is a fear of being forced out due to automation, which is why more education is needed for mainstream adoption. Jobs are not lost to automation, tasks are; meaning labor is more valuable when automation is implemented. That is why there is a need to develop easy methods of integration for the average users to merge into the tech heavy future.

Enlightenment As technology begins to displace people in the workforce towards uncommon territories, many seek to enlighten these individuals on the latest trends in hopes that it will spark interest and create new users. Fun and easy to use technology, that creates new means of revenue is what will help entice the doubtful person. People can understand how beneficial technology is once it’s implemented in an interactive and exciting way. With the initiative to combine automation and artificial intelligence, the future holds many innovative applications that are expected to make tasks easier and more efficient. Organizations like Peerion are developing gameful ways for users to both learn and utilize automation to their advantage. By offering rewarding courses that educate peers with an array of automated tools to grow their daily use cases, everyone can become self sufficient and thrive in a future driven by automation.

The implementation of automation in the workforce has begun and many jobs are already being expelled. It is almost impossible to prevent the inevitable, but people can choose to obtain the knowledge that will provide an advantage. Disruption can sometimes have a negative connotation, but viewing it in a different light can present a new perspective. As technology continues to progress, it creates an adaptable environment for the utilization of newly developed tools, which can help one flourish in these exciting times of change.

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