Blockchain in our Daily Life

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

How Can Blockchain Disrupt Different Industrial Ecosystems?

Since its inception, blockchain has always been a high-level technology, circulating itself amongst the technocrats of various industries and the new age industrial transformers who wish to bring in technology-based evolution.

The sheer victory of any technology lies in reaching the hands of the common man, or end user, through the deliverance of a simplified use case, and allowing everyone to benefit from its potential.

The question here is if the blockchain, as technology, can succeed in the hands of the needy or common man?

The answer is yes it can, but how? Well, let's discuss it here, right now.

The blockchain is no more an alien term, and it is rapidly acquiring the minds of industry leaders and slowly conquering their business operations as well.

Now, it’s time to take this technology to the next level and make it useful for the common folk.

Several platforms have popped up in recent times using the blockchain as a central element to bring experts from different industries and allow them to collaborate and spread its goodness to people of a different clan.

These blockchain ecosystems are doing a splendid job in creating a useful platform to organize talents from different walks of industries and deliver a better solution to society.

Peerion, the Smart Market Ecosystem, is one of the progressive platforms paving the way for the common man, offering the tools for everyone to become an entrepreneur.

This article will depict how the features of the blockchain will play a significant role in enhancing the common man's life by transforming various sectors.

Secured Deposits

Bank thefts are still happening, post the arrival of digitization, which is a troublesome factor for depositors and bankers. The online hackers are smart enough to outperform the cyber security experts and hack any bank account today.

The blockchain is a perfect solution here as it can shield bank accounts with its high-end secured algorithm. This decentralized technology can be custom-made according to banks operability, hence using it for seamless cross-border remittance that happens in seconds with a low charging fee.

Reliable Assets

Fraudulence is another threatening factor that can decimate one's entire investment and create an unrecoverable setback in their life. The general public is highly victimized by this, and the scenario needs an immediate remedy to isolate the hidden malware.

Deploying blockchain into the system will do the needful, as this distributed platform secures agreements creating a well-bound peer to peer transfer of data, presenting no room for fraudulence.

Blockchain carries out multiple ranges of verification and validation over both parties to finalize the transaction and the encrypted agreements that allow a transaction to occur while keeping both parties safe.

New Age Voting

Blockchain technology, with its high-end transparency, can transform the entire stereotypical voting process.

It can enable the public to cast their vote completely through the internet and also create access for all to learn more about vote casting and other data points to get better informed about the prevailing poll.

Community platforms like Peerion are highly encouraging the general population to take active participation in their ecosystem to reveal their potential and benefit from this high-end technology.

They are doing this by connecting peers and presenting the tools that will allow them to collaboratively contribute towards technology-oriented enhancement.

Talking about HyperionX

So far, we have seen how blockchain as a high-end technology would be able to meet and rectify the setbacks faced by any common man in their daily life.

Similarly, Peerion has arisen as the simple, flexible yet effective decentralized platform that would radically transform the way ecommerce, social media, and non-profit organizations work by reinventing their impractical complexities.

Current Setbacks in E-commerce

The e-commerce industry has drastically transformed the way trading operates and has simplified the purchase pattern of any end consumer.

On the other hand, the current e-commerce platforms have been creating problems for the retailers and small scale manufacturers, in terms of attaining complete profit and progressive growth.

Retailers have no choice today but to accept the invasion of an e-commerce platform into their business model, in which they need to pay a considerable amount as a commission for sales and must also wait to get their order amount until the refundable period expires.

Consumers are also, often times, imposed with extra fees for ordering, sometimes masked as hidden charges or in terms of high costs for shipping. Their information gets stored in the database for later use to send a suggestive product notification for a future purchase, or advertisement, which is not welcomed by all the users.

How Peerion Helps?

Brewed using a combination of gamification and progressive technologies, Peerion creates a fair and simplified stage for all members of the community.

The decentralized platform eliminates the middleman concept, charging zero commission fees for sellers and zero hidden fees for consumers.

Peerion’s advertisement tools present members with the option to view advertisements that specifically appeal to them, while rewarding them for watching. This provides sellers the chance to find their niche customers by drawing them in with specific ads.

Peerion also ensures that the user possess complete control over their information that gets displayed publicly.

Drawbacks of Social Media

Social media is undoubtedly a powerful tool if used properly and the Peerion Platform does not just enhance the visibility of an individual, it helps businesses network and grow their customer base.

Despite delivering several benefits, social media has a typical series of setbacks which needs to get fixed immediately. The very existence of the vulnerability in social media does not only question its reliability, it also throws a big question over the individuals being members of the system.

Peerion’s Role in Social Media

Peerion is developing a completely distributed blockchain enabled platform that would impose the required security factor in social media networks.

By joining Peerion, an individual can act safely and develop an extensive network which will deliver a secure protocol, paving the way towards collective progress. Through tips, peers can become self sufficient within the ecosystem, and with the use of HyperStamps every peer has the opportunity to support those in need.

Failure in Today’s NPO

Today's non-profit organizations are not functioning to their fullest, and there is no significant contribution to the society from them. A huge share of the funds initially reach the key players pockets and are spent on administrators and advertisements.

The leftovers, usually a small portion, are distributed to the hands of needy. An immediate and effective solution needs to be implemented to overcome this socio-economic imbalance happening in a most unfair way.

Peerion as a Saviour

A transparent and secured technology-based platform like Peerion will be the perfect remedy for these unfair approaches, by practising zero tolerance on middle-man interference as well as ensuring high end data security.

Peerion further simplifies the on board of new tech users through its gamified platform, presenting itself as a multi-faceted and approachable ecosystem that will assist stereotypical old-aged NPO's to function in a proper way.

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