Disinter Media: Storytelling through the power of sound

Listen. Press the Pause button on your life and listen for just a moment. Listen to the sound of crystalline water cascading down that lush waterfall, and how the clear liquid splashes down and ripples in a crescendo of bouncing droplets. Close your eyes and hear all that goes on around you. Listen to the planet's greeting. You're not in Kansas anymore, you're on Peerion; you are there because Disinter Media transported your mind's eye through the power of sound.

Let Disinter take you on an aural journey to Peerion and beyond. This is storytelling through the power of sound.

Disinter Media: Echoes of technology and storytelling

Those with the keenest eye for cinematics might have picked up the reference to Avatar. If you did, well done. If not, take a moment to view the movie and experience the breathtaking ecosystem where the tale occurs.

But what Peerion is and how Disinter Media is taking you there will have bearing on our story later. For now, let’s discuss how the innovative team combined their passion for sound design, Virtual Reality, games, and technology to create Disinter Media.

Disinter is specialized in Creative Audio Design, Sonic Branding, Audio Consulting, and Production Services, to forge an effective auditory identity for any brand, project, or enterprise.

Sound is a key design feature for most projects, and indeed, it is one of the most recognizable aspects of movies, games, etc. For example, that classic two-note pattern in Jaws that insidiously plays in your head every time you swim at the beach, or how about the sound of the Pac Man's untimely demise at the hands of a chasing Ghost?

Sound is life, and life is sound, and Disinter Media knows about sound.

Disinter's influence on Peerion

And so we circle back to Peerion, where Disinter Media is telling a new story. It's a tale of discovery and gamified entrepreneurship that combines Disinter's sonic expertise with HyperionX's gameful design and blockchain mindset. The result is an unparalleled aural experience that takes you on a journey of achievement and crafts an evocative story through the sheer power of sound.

HyperionX is working hand-in-hand with Disinter Media to develop an alluring soundscape that brings Peerion to life. The newfound partnership fuses the visually appealing graphics of Peerion with Disinter Media’s awe-inspiring sounds to create a ravishing ecosystem that entices members to playfully inhabit the VR space and interact with the platform via mobile device or desktop.

The dynamic partnership is already bringing the Peerion experience to life and the audio/visual amalgamation is a momentous feat in the development of the gamified collaboration platform that is Peerion.

Click on the following links to learn more about HyperionX, Peerion, and Disinter Media.

Play with purpose!

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