HYPE, TREE, and SUN: The currency trinity powering the Hyperion ecosystem

The Hyperion platform leverages blockchain technology to enable a decentralized, autonomous, and trustless smart market ecosystem, offering a gamified user experience to introduce or advance its users into modern technology.

Hyperion is intended to act as a bridge to an ever-growing community, using tokens as a reward for novel ideas, passions, and personal improvement.

The ecosystem includes three individual tokens to create this landscape: Hyper Token (HYPE), Tree Token (TREE), and Sun Token (SUN). The combination of HYPE, TREE, and SUN will unlock powerful tools that only the truly dedicated and active users can achieve.

Tree Token (TREE)

TREE is needed for all internal operations within the Hyperion ecosystem, including as gas for transferring HYPE. HYPE and TREE will work together in the Peerion platform to help a peer grow their Tree.

TREE use cases

Case examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Utilization of the marketplace for selling/buying products and services

  • Listing and watching of smart ads

  • Full array of backend automation and business tools

  • Interactions and tipping between peers

  • Establishing a Masternode to collect rewards for verifying the network. The unique structure of the Tree Propagation allows the community to determine the price, while also preventing whales from dominating the market.

Hyper Token (HYPE)

Hyper Token can be described as a ”VIP access pass for peers to the Peerion platform”. It can be utilized to unlock a variety of tools, decentralized applications, features, games, competitions, and a lot more. Think of HYPE as Peerion’s arcade token.

Hyper Token use cases

Use cases will vary across the platform, as each peer can utilize tokens to suit their own unique needs.

Case examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Rewards: Developers can distribute tokens as rewards in the games and dApps they create.

  • Tipping: Peers can tip each other for creative art, intriguing articles, or engaging conversations.

  • Prizes: Peers can earn tokens by participating in competitions.

  • Airdrops: Nimbus will perform airdrops of HYPE to the community.

  • Tool acquisition: The token will be utilized to acquire new tools. (e.g.: A developer can request that a specific amount of HYPE be required to utilize a tool they have created.)

  • Portal access: HYPE can act as a key to a portal. For example, developers/community members can propose that a set number of token is required to access daps, games, enter competitions, view live streams, and enter classes.

  • Seminar rewards: Guides leading a seminar can reward peers for participation, proposing new concepts or presenting to the class.

SUN Token (SUN)

SUN activates high level investment features within the greenhouse on Peerion. As is the case with HYPE, the only way to collect SUN is by staying active in the community.

SUN use cases

Case examples for SUN tokens include, but are not limited to:

  • High level access to the Greenhouse

  • Free advisory, access to Peerion Accelerator and Incubator

  • Early and exclusive access to new features, tools, and beta testing

  • Become a guide on the platform, offering guidance and education.

  • Powerful trading tools: High frequency trading bots, trading signals


The token trinity formed by HYPE, TREE, and SUN is a novel approach to power a crypto ecosystem. Each token offers its own set of features that complete a powerful whole when combined into a multi-layered platform.

HyperionX is ensuring fairness and equality for the distribution of these tokens through its Tree Propagation strategy, which is a remarkably clever undertaking devised and implemented for the benefit of the community.

Overall, the token combination creates a resilient and future-proof crypto ecosytem that will always have the community at its very heart.


Copyright © 2020 by HyperionX

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