HyperionX branches out and joins the Spartan Incubator Program at The University of Tampa

HyperionX is soaring to new heights after being accepted into the Spartan Incubator Program in the John P. Lowth Entrepreneurship Center, in the Sykes College of Business at The University of Tampa (FL).

The program is a live lab designed to help current students, recent alums, and early-stage community businesses grow their business ideas. HyperionX’s innovative drive and development on the blockchain earned it one of the nine much-coveted spaces within the program.

According to The University of Tampa’s website, “business owners in the UT Incubator receive expert guidance from faculty, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs-in-residence, attend seminars on campus and work with student consulting teams assigned to assist them.” Significantly, a number of Incubator businesses have already received over $1.5 million in seed funding since 2015.

The endorsement by such a prestigious educational center as The University of Tampa represents an early turning point in Hyperion’s timeline. The move means that HyperionX, and its flagship product Peerion, are now perfectly positioned to become a driving force in the blockchain industry.

Speaking about this decisive milestone, HyperionX’s founder, Jeremy Klein, said that, “Joining the Spartan Incubator program as a resident company is a huge stepping stone towards achieving our goals for Peerion. Not only will we receive the necessary guidance through expert mentors, but we will also have the honor in assisting with the facilitation of young entrepreneurial students from The University of Tampa.

HyperionX’s entry into the Incubator program has been enthusiastically received by the university’s most senior authorities. Speaking about the development, the Director of the John P. Lowth Entrepreneurship Center, Dr. Rebecca J. White, PhD., has said that, “We are excited to welcome HyperionX to the Lowth Entrepreneurship Center and our Spartan Incubator Program. As an innovative company operating in an exciting space that combines cutting edge technology with education, HyperionX is an ideal company for our program. We look forward to participating in their journey.”

HyperionX is now on a sound footing to establish itself not only as a focal point for next-gen entrepreneurship incubator platforms, but also for the blockchain industry as a whole.

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