HyperionX: The integration of business agreements and blockchain

It was once stated that ‘Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.’ These words ring true for many aspects of life, but are particularly adept for the business world.

The key to embarking on a new business venture is to create the right opportunity through research, tenacity, smart decisions, and sheer perseverance. There is one type of person who usually features all of the above: Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is a trait innate to many people. The problem is, they may not be aware of it. The personal drive to create and innovate through novel business propositions might be stifled by lack of opportunity, restricted social circle, exorbitant fees asked by centralized agencies, or a variety of other reasons.

The HyperionX solution is to integrate business agreements with blockchain through verified digital identities to bridge the gap between global business resources and entrepreneurs.

The advent of blockchain technology has finally enabled true decentralization. The ‘middle man’ concept has become archaic and irrelevant, and developing one’s entrepreneurial spirit is now easier than ever.

HyperionX understands the advantages of blockchain, which is why they are building Peerion, an entrepreneurial collaboration platform. By incorporating the concepts and principles of gamification and economics into Peerion, an immersive system known as Gemunomics is forged where users play to become entrepreneurs.

The Gemunomic Solution

HyperionX leverages blockchain to create a powerful ecosystem that is achieved through decentralization, community consensus, and autonomy. Empowering entrepreneurs to grow and collaborate on ideas by way of custom smart contracts via blockchain will generate globally verified, border-less business agreements.

Gemunomics, also known as the gamified economic solution, establishes an interactive and secure free market and social networking environment. This solution creates a story and structure that leads to improved problem-solving and purposeful participation, helping people develop entrepreneurial mindsets while making real-world challenges as clear and winnable as a game.

Decapod: The ten pillars of life on Peerion

“There is a place deep below Peerion’s surface, that teems with vigor and vitality. The planet’s core swirls with the combined energy of a thousand suns. But this life force is held back by the planet’s decaying expanse. The ecosystem is damaged and if left unchecked, Peerion’s extinction will become inevitable.”

The Peerion experience takes users through an elaborate story in a virtual world. Peerionauts, the inhabitants of Peerion, can cooperatively save the planet while they collaborate with their peers, grow their skills and develop successful projects, together. The flow of Peerion’s lore will guide Peerionauts as they find their purpose and use their talents to flourish.

To highlight the origin story of Peerion, Mission Control has recently released a key transmission to the community, and they will release further communications about the mission status in due course.

The objective of the mission is to establish a colony of Peerionauts, who must grow a network of trees to revitalize the planet. A tree represents one’s activity in the Peerion Ecosystem and the more time and effort given, the more their tree grows. Mission Control will deploy Decapod, a framework of ten pillars that makes up The Gemunomic Solution and will become the foundation on which Peerion is built.

Decapod: An overview

Decapod is the framework that contains the ten supporting pillars of Peerion. At the Decapod’s center stands the Gemunomic Solution, the fulcrum upon which the following ten plinths reside:

  • Blockchain, as the distributed ledger

  • Smart Contracts, for trustless interaction

  • Cryptocurrency, to establish and denote asset ownership

  • Dapps, decentralized applications

  • Gamification, a framework to develop engagement strategies

  • Crowdfunding, for instant capital aggregation

  • Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), enabling a more immersive experience

  • Neural Network, providing a Deep Learning Efficiency System

  • Partner Ambition Loop (PAL), an algorithm for professional match-making

  • Proof-of-Passion (POP), an algorithm to establish consensus


This article serves as the introduction to HyperionX’s Decapod series, the ten pillars that support the ecosystem. The series is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of what HyperionX will achieve with their solution, and how they will accomplish it.

You can also consult the HyperionX Whitepaper for additional information.

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