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It’s Never too Late to Learn!

As the world continuously evolves and a large portion of the population seek technology for the answers; some still question the movement by stating, “new technology is confusing and it would take forever to learn,” not knowing that there is always opportunity for growth.

The Problem

A portion of the population is dealing with the dilemma of adapting to the innovative technologies that are beginning to phase out the old methods many grew so accustomed to.

Industrial factories are implementing autonomous bots and artificial intelligence to run and maintain the day-to-day operations, while banks are looking to integrate blockchain technology to secure their networks and safeguard customers.

The future is upon us and the new way of life is proving to be tech-based.

The options are laid out on the table, but time will never stop to give us a moment to think. Stick with the old and become obsolete, or learn the new and progress with the tech.

The Theory

Continuous learning through gemunomics: a combination of gaming mechanics and experiences that will encompass the understanding of new concepts in a user-friendly and meaningful way.

The Solution

HyperionX is developing an ecosystem geared towards educating and uniting the average tech-user as they begin their journey into a new environment.

Hyperion’s gamified user-friendly platform, Peerion, will consist of a plethora of smart tools and a community filled with individuals and organizations, ranging from knowledgeable advisors to innovative developers, all looking to assist the average person as they immerse themselves in the experience. Innovative tools, gamification and blockchain will be utilized to stimulate peers as they continuously learn and grow.

Peerion will host decentralized applications, or DApps, developed to integrate new users as they become accustomed to the refreshingly new technology. Peerion’s insightful members, friendly bots and gameful learning methods will aid new users as they navigate through an alluring and easy-to-use platform.

The team is focusing intently on the user experience and user interface so that skillful developers can feel the same thrilling challenge and excitement as the (initially) inexperienced, while interacting on the same platform.

The Tech

A custom blockchain will secure the network, making everyone's information their own to control. Providing security, as it will no longer be necessary to put your full faith into third parties, like banks or lawyers. The chronologically ordered blocks that store the network’s data will be verified by the Mitochondria, or computers, that keep the system up and running.

Distributed Ledger Technology will store all of the networks data on a customized blockchain, in various locations. Since it is shared amongst the entire community, there will be a minimal chance of the network going down or a major hack taking place.

TREE Token will power the platform, as it will be utilized for all interactions occurring on the blockchain. There are a number of ways that TREE can be acquired and used, aiding in the stability and vitality of Peerion.

Another token that will encourage interaction is HYPE. This token will unlock special tools, allow access to DApps and culminate the experience by offering a unique way for peers to grow their Tree.


Becoming a member of Peerion will be free, forever. By choosing to join, a peer is acknowledging that they seek change and wish to learn through personal growth and a collective effort.

Each and every peer has the same opportunities as the next. Through the encouragement of others, a simple reward system and a gamified experience, the community can grow together in an autonomous decentralized smart market ecosystem, where everyone’s voice is heard.


As the network of Mitochondria grow and Peerion stabilizes, the entire platform will be given to the peers to evolve the ecosystem and expand the canon.

Time will always progress, but as people, we must use what little of it we have to continuously grow. New technology may be discouraging and daunting, but don’t let fear halt your journey.

Master your future by understanding the world around you. #WithRootForce

Copyright © 2020 by HyperionX

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