Nimbus: Hyperion's AI-powered cloud storage solution

Hyperion's framework includes the Peerion platform, a blockchain-powered, free-market ecosystem that leverages smart contracts for managing peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions.

These transactions generate a large amount of data, which is stored and handled locally and efficiently by Nimbus, Peerion's integrated AI Cloud.

Nimbus Overview

Nimbus (from the Latin term meaning 'dark cloud') locally stores data, and peers decide what data should be shared with the network, if any.

The rationale for creating and implementing the Nimbus feature was two-fold:

One, it enables each and every peer to retain control of their own data, and to only share it with the network if and when they want. Data ownership is key in the current global environment, as data breaches are becoming increasingly commonplace.

And secondly,Nimbus promotes the concept of redistribution of wealth to peers. This brings fairness to the platform, and incentivizes peer participation.

Every new peer who joins Peerion will be allocated their own Nimbus. Peers can then link their clouds for transferring data and funds. All data kept in your own private nimbus can be disconnected from Kabba (Hyperion's Artificial Neural Network -ANN) at any time.

Nimbus provides additional functionality, such as the initiation of a puddle fund, tipping peers, and the launch of autonomous airdrops.

It is important to highlight that you automatically receive a nimbus once you become a Seedling.

Nimbus' Make it Rain feature

A rather neat feature of the Nimbus Cloud is Make it Rain, which will be triggered when the token pool reaches a predetermined size.

At this point, Nimbus will initiate an airdrop and ‘Make it Rain’ on all currently active peers who are online at that moment in time.


Data, personal or otherwise, has become the new black gold. Data is now a commodity that can be traded or sold to the highest bidder, as a number of recent high-profile scandals involving data breaches has proven.

Retention, control, and ownership of one's data is therefore a key consideration for any enterprise that involves the creation and development of a peer community.

Data ownership is a complex issue. The questions who owns my data, and what -and where- is my data being used for surely features high in people's minds every day. Banks, financial institutions, websites, and a myriad of other agencies know your name, address, and many other details about your life and personality, which raises issues of privacy (or lack thereof), and confidentiality.

HyperionX took these issues into consideration when developing Nimbus. Peers are able to manage their own data, and choose if and when to share it with the rest of the network, so those questions are not raised in the peer's mind.


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