Peerion Exploration Log: MVP


Hyperion-class prospector vessel USS Vestalis
Active crew: Twelve
Cargo: Peerionauts in cryostasis
Destination: Peerion, a Class-B exoplanet orbiting the outer rim. No indigenous life.
Primary Mission: Unlock the MVP
Secondary Mission: Set up a Tree Array to halt Peerion’s decay and restore its natural order.

Klein, J. USS Vestalis Research Director log

Earth date: July 2019

Log entry Day -10

12 days out from Peerion’s orbit.

The last few days have been rather exciting. It has taken us a while to get here, but we’re finally ready. The team has worked hard to put together the means for a journey that will lead to the restoration of Peerion’s former beauty.
Peerion’s ecosystem has been in decline for a long time, and the rate of decay is accelerating. Projections based on data extracted from two previous unmanned missions show that Peerion will become a barren world within our lifetime, unless we do something about it. And this is why we have designed the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). When the Vestalis reaches the launch window, we will deploy the MVP to a pre-determined site deemed optimal for maximum regeneration cycles. When activated, this device will facilitate the Peerionauts’ journey and guide them to find all the secrets that Peerion holds.
Peerion’s surface may be barren, but there’s a lot of good stuff under it. Peerion is rich on token ore, and that’s one of the reasons the Vestalis is riding all the way out here. Those unmanned probes revealed that Peerion has enormous natural reservoirs of ERC721 Token Ore, an extremely valuable resource. Folks back home go ape for this stuff. They call them Totem tokens, as the tokens symbolize the sacred unity of a community of people, just like a Totem does. The second phase of Peerion Mission deals specifically with the location and extraction of Totem tokens.
We will enter Peerion’s orbit in about twelve Earth days. Once in position, we will initiate the awakening sequence for the Peerionaut pods. Once that process is complete, Peerion Mission can start. The ultimate goal of Peerion Mission is for every Peerionaut to explore the planetary environment, then plant and grow their own Tree. Every new Tree planted will help to gradually restore natural order on Peerion, creating a permanent community that will form the basis for future developments both on Peerion and elsewhere. There’s a full recorded log explaining the guidelines for Peerion Mission, so refer to that for further info.
This is J. Klein, Research Director on board the USS Vestalis. Signing out.

Bonafede, C. USS Vestalis Exo-Relations Officer log

Earth date: July 2019

Log entry Day -7

8 days out from Peerion’s orbit.

While performing routine scanning, the sensor array picked up heavy ionization directly ahead of the Vestalis’ flight path. Energy surges are relatively common across the outer rim, as the presence of a black hole is suspected in Echo Prime B29, a nearby binary star system. Echo Prime’s barycenter has long been in a permanent state of destabilization, which strongly suggests the influence of an unseen actor, most likely a black hole. While our flight path will not take us anywhere near that star system, I will nonetheless suggest a slight course correction as ion storms usually catch debris in their wake and swirl it around at ultra-high speed. Better err on the side of caution.
Bonafede out.

Klein, J. log.

Earth data: July 2019

Log entry Day -6

7 days out from Peerion’s orbit.

So what is MVP. People raise this question all the time, and to honor the great Greek philosopher Seneca, I always start the same way. Non est ad astra mollis e terris via”. There is no easy way from the Earth to the stars, and this is true. Although more appropriately, we should say that there is no easy way from Earth to Peerion. It’s just that Seneca wasn’t yet aware of what we are doing.
MVP is the key to the journey into Peerion. Our Prototype is a gamified experience designed as a scavenger hunt to help peers navigate through the sandbox and find the link to the MVP. Those who unlock the MVP will experience the look and feel of the Peerion ecosystem that lies ahead. The MVP lays the groundwork upon which Peerion will be developed.
We will awaken the Peerionauts when the Vestalis enters Peerion’s orbit, and deploy them shortly afterwards. Peerion is a desolate, barren environment. The habitat has been decaying for decades, we’re not quite sure why. But we do know that we can reverse this trend through the MVP. Once the Peerionauts unlock it, the colony will grow exponentially, forming an ever-expanding community on Peerion, which will help restore the planet’s former elegance and dignity.
Now, the Relations Officer suggested a course change for the Vestalis, as there’s storm systems near our flight path. I’ll meet with him and the rest of the team to discuss that shortly.
Klein out.


Klapper, M. Project Design Chief log

Earth date: July 2019

Log entry Day -3

2 days out from Peerion’s orbit.

We still don’t know what caused the hull breach in Cargo Bay 3. Could have been a molten fragment shed by a rogue comet, a vagrant asteroid, or who knows what kind of space debris. Plenty of uncharted trash floating out there, it seems. Whatever it was, it punched a football-size hole in the pressure hull, which caused temporary depressurization of the MVP chamber. By an unfortunate coincidence, the gravity locks were disabled for maintenance, so the MVP was jettisoned into space.
We have repaired the damage, but the MVP is gone. We’re tracking its location beacon right now. The MVP had been programmed with Peerion’s coordinates, but the early release from the wrong orbital position likely means that the MVP will miss its optimal target site. Nevertheless, the MVP is probably down there, on Peerion’s surface. We may have to wake the Peerionauts ahead of schedule.
This is M. Klapper, Design Chief. Out.


Klein, J. log

Earth Date: July 2019

Log entry Day -27

19 days out from Peerion’s orbit

Ok guys, let’s get the transmission ready. This will be broadcast to all Peerionauts once they are awakened. Let’s format it and compress it first, we don’t want to clog the beacon downrange.
Alright. This is a crucial piece of information that all Peerionauts must understand. It is the core objective of this whole expedition. This is what we’re here to do, people. This is our mission!
The mission is broken down into three separate stages. Stage 1 is the Recruitment phase. Referrals, in other words. Every peer will be tasked with referring others to join the mission. The first Peerionaut that reaches the sweet figure of 100 recruits will unlock the MVP for everyone, and will be awarded a one-of-a-kind badge. That’s a nice piece of encouragement right there.
Phase two is a Training Mission. Peerionauts will use the Prototype as a training tool, and will be tasked with finding the three hidden ERC721 Tokens.
Now, this is where things really get interesting. The three Totem Tokens are tiered in difficulty, are accompanied by a token reward, and have a limited supply. The first Peerionaut who finds the Totem Token codes will receive the rare ERC271 Tokens into their wallet.
Phase 3 is arguably the most important, as it involves the exploration of the greater Peerion environment, and this is where a Peerionaut’s time spent training on the Prototype will really pay off. To put things in a simple perspective, the Prototype is the gateway to the MVP, and the MVP is the portal that opens up the Peerion world.

Klapper, M. log

Earth Date: July 2019

Log entry Day -6

Stationary orbit over Peerion

We have located the MVP. The device flew and landed off course as predicted, but we can count ourselves lucky that the guys in the design team knew what they were doing when building the thing. We were able to trace back the beacon signal to a landing site just three klicks off our intended target. Not ideal, but still well within optimal range.
The crew are now cycling through the pods to awaken the Peerionauts. All systems are go, as they used to say in the old days. Godspeed Vestalis and Peerion Mission.
Klapper out.


Bonafede, C. log

Earth Date: July 2019

Log entry Day -6

7 days out from Peerion’s orbit

The team agreed to the course correction. It’s good to see unity and agreement in decision-making. We all want the best possible outcome for Peerion Mission, of course. We have all worked hard and invested a lot of time and effort on this project. I spent some time on the Aura deck today. The Vestalis observation deck, if you will. It is beautiful out there. I had only seen low-res images of the Outer Rim so far, but man, this place really is something else. The ion storm we detected can be just about seen in a distant quadrant. There are colours and shades of a raw, indescribable beauty. Never seen anything like it. But even at this distance, I can see the brutal forces raging at its center. The Vestalis will do well to remain on a divergent course from it.
I watched Peerion’s northern hemisphere looming large on the reinforced plexi-deck. From up here, Peerion appears dormant, like a sleeping giant. Sensors cannot detect any lifeform, but this does not mean that the planet is dead. Far from it. Peerion teems with lifeforce, right under its surface. All that Token Ore is there, buried, just waiting to be extracted. That is the energy that Peerion needs to become whole again. And The Peerionauts will make that happen, by planting their own Tree.
We’re billions of miles away from home, but Peerion feels like the team’s home away from home. And this planet will one day become the focus and the inspiration for many others following our footsteps.

End of transmission

Help Save Peerion by participating in the MVP Mission .

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