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Peerion’s Supportive Ecosystem

Embedding a gameful structure in an eCommerce platform is nothing new. Badges, points and rewards have been used by countless organizations like Google, eBay and many others. Gamification can accelerate the growth of a new idea, but retaining the attention of the user is the most important factor when establishing a habitat of everlasting growth.

Highly compelling games are oftentimes directly associated with the player’s core drives or beliefs. Purposeful engagement develops an immersive feeling that motivates an individual to perform tasks that they ordinarily wouldn't carry out in the real world. Grinding, sometimes referred to as grunt work, is one of those factors that if applied correctly can keep a player focused in an endless cycle of gameplay.

When implementing game mechanics into an operating system that offers real world solutions, the first step is to create a meaningful environment for everyone to grow. Points and rewards are far more beneficial when there is a mission that inspires peers to commit their full attention while simultaneously requiring their unique skill set. Gameplay that exercises true meaning accompanied by exciting features establishes a life long journey that never becomes repetitive and boring.


To combat the mundane effects of everyday life, Peerion’s foundation relies on the Gemunomics framework. Meaning that the platform is a tool utilized by many entities to experience exponential growth, both on and offline, through gameful experiences and advanced technologies; thus reshaping the overall perception of economics.


Gemunomics leverages blockchain technology to provide efficiency and scalability both for individuals and enterprise-level solutions. Engaging techniques designed to create fluid cooperation between autonomous establishments is what allows Gemunomics to give new meaning to the term free market.

The Mission

To stray from a shallow user experience, there must be more than a superficial outer layer, or shell. Peerion’s interactive experience presents the user with the overall mission of disrupting the current economic system through the use of decentralized tech, creating a space uninhabited by communities.

Initial Launch

New members of the Peerion platform (Peerionauts) receive Hyper Token (HYPE) and Tree Token (TREE) when they sign up. The instant gratification instills a sense of belonging as Peerionauts now possess fully functioning assets within the ecosystem, hassle-free. With each engagement on Peerion, whether it be directly through the platform or as an interaction with another member, Hyper Rewards are distributed into a Peerionaut’s personal account.

But being active isn’t enough! As Peerionauts soon realize, there are limits on some of the ways that rewards can be accumulated in a single day, compelling them to find new methods to redeem tokens. A simple click through the platform will expose the various alternatives to earn not only HYPE but TREE as well!

Note: Tree Token is Peerion’s Market Utility Token that is used for internal interactions within the ecosystem.

Use cases consist of, but are not limited to: the marketplace for the exchange of goods and services, access to a full array of backend automation and business tools, and establishing a Masternode to collect passive rewards for verifying the network.

Note: Hyper token is Peerion’s Special XP Utility Token. Think of Hyper Token as Peerion’s experience points and the first token use-case for the Gemunomic Framework. The only way to collect Hyper Token is from being active within the community by playing games, reaching milestones, collecting airdrops etc.

Use cases consist of, but are not limited to: games, DApps, tools and other features developed within the Peerion platform.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Once established on the platform, Peerionauts will notice that there is much more than meets the eye. Yes, rewards are fun to acquire for menial tasks like clicking through pages, up voting members and adding posts. These actions are similar to grinding. But there is far more that will sustain the structural integrity of Peerion.

Random airdrops will stimulate the dedicated to race onto the platform, since only active participants can obtain the bounty. Badges that symbolize accomplishments, establish friendly competition as Peerionauts gradually level up and begin to examine and hone in on their new surroundings. Games and interactions become subtle rivalries with those who outrank one another. Leaderboards advertise Peerionauts that outperform the rest. Creativity eventually takes over, when the community begins to devise innovative ways to establish dominance.

Through the looking glass it seems like a solo mission, while in reality the entire community is working together to upscale Peerion and establish true borderless global autonomy. Only together can the Peerionauts extract the raw materials that Peerion fosters and empower others through dynamic interactions.


With the support of the community and the understanding that All is One and One is All, Peerionauts can achieve greatness!

The ultimate goal is to establish a decentralized environment that facilitates those looking to advance their lives through the use of progressive technology. This includes everyone from entrepreneurs to established entities seeking an on ramp to the latest technical innovations offering transparency, data security, and unwanted intermediaries

Community consensus provides equality and shared governance for all. Participation activates new features, and the increased growth of Peerion allows the ecosystem to thrive under a decentralized operating system.

Peers supporting peers on an open network that promotes entrepreneurial endeavors through gameful interaction is why Gemunomics offers a unique playground for all to enjoy. Conclusion

While there is no endgame, there are many ways to play. Content creators, marketers, artists, and all those who believe there is an alternative way to grow outside of the traditional methods can join in on the action. Peerion is a haven for everyone that is willing to learn, grow, participate, and take control of their lives in a gameful incubator for entrepreneurs that is evolving the way the world looks at economy.

Start your journey on Peerion by visiting https://peerion.io/mvp.

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