A New Platform Offers An Interactive, Gamified eCommerce Experience

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Peerion leverages blockchain technology to create a powerful system that makes real-world economic solutions as easy as a game. This system is known as Gemunomics , which acts as a fun, interactive, and secure environment that is achieved through decentralization, community consensus, and autonomy; enabling people to maximizing efficiency and overall output.

Most mainstream eCommerce, social media and non profit platforms mine your data, charge high middleman fees and have little-to-no transparency. Users are profiled and monetized, while never seeing a penny’s worth of profit for themselves, constantly experiencing invasion of privacy, ad bombardments and data breaches. Most platforms also charge hefty middleman fees, equipped with tiered membership, transaction, processing and finder’s fees and various other hidden charges. The majority of systems designed to keep the world moving are opaque, making it hard for people to build a sense of trust, leaving most feeling vulnerable and trapped, without better options in sight.

A peer-to-peer blockchain platform is the solution to these problems. The main issue arising is how to integrate the average consumer or business with the technology. The first solution would be to create a fun and interactive interface, to make the assimilation into everyday life as seamless as possible. The second solution would be to incentivize utilization through reward systems for being active and supportive. Living in a world of network and connection, why not be rewarded for supporting these systems instead of just paying to use them?

Key Features:

  • Direct transactions: Cuts out the middleman.

  • eCommerce tools: List, advertise, and trade products and services.

  • Consumer to Business (C2B) smart advertisements: No ad bombardment.

  • Collaborations and consensus voting: The community controls their own experience.

  • Data and property protection: Locally stored data and blockchain stamped signatures.

  • Instant payouts for content creation: Tipping mechanism and content management

  • Transparent funds and petitions: Philanthropy and thought leadership to effect change.

  • Architecture tools: Enables Peers to design and develop Peerion as a whole.

  • Membership will be free forever: No monthly or high middleman fees.

  • Gamified interface: Incentivized rewards for being active and cooperative.

Gemunomics — Gamified Economics

Entering the playing field: A new planet with a sustainable power core was discovered: Peerion. A Peerionaut, or Peer for short, receives a Nimbus Cloud and a level 1 Seedling that plugs into the Planet’s core upon first entering. The objective is to develop a thriving ecosystem with fellow Peers, by growing that level 1 Seedling to a level 10 Tree. Everyone’s Nimbus will be their personal companion, linking to community pools, and vitalizing their Trees with the elements provided by this new cryptic world. As a Tree continues to grow through its levels, it supplies useful tools to further develop a peer’s livelihood. These Trees are all interconnected through the core root system (blockchain), allowing the Trees to work together and support one another. The longer a Tree is plugged into the core to assist in maintaining the system, the stronger it grows, and more helpful it becomes, reaping more benefits for its Peer.

A new Peer can enter anonymously or create a verified digital identity to establish credibility within the community. A verified Peer has only 1 life and lives by their reputation. All interactions are sustained through a transaction fee used to support the ecosystem. Nimbus pools the fees, distributes them accordingly to contributors and then disperses all remaining fees back to the active Peers. One can learn the benefits of using a peer-to-peer platform in interactive, game-like scenarios, making routine tasks fun and enjoyable.

Explorers of the new millennium all have a controller in hand, how it is used is up to the individual, enter Peerion.io and get Tree Tokens to start now.

About Peerion

Peerion is a multifaceted platform that will cater to the needs of a variety of users, acting as a community driven space for people to connect, while incentivizing interactions that are beneficial to the commonwealth. The main goal for implementing rewarding, interactive and gamified experiences, is to offer an easy on-ramp to modern technology. Peerion offers instant gratification, while simultaneously automating menial tasks and enabling one to chase more entrepreneurial ventures in a fun and enjoyable environment. A positive competitive atmosphere promotes cooperation, self-discovery and goodwill; stimulating local and global economies through a game-like interface.

Read the full whitepaper: http://bit.ly/HyperionXPaper1

Connect on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Telegram. Contact: Hello@HyperionX.org

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