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The Heroes of Peerion

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Interest is one of the hardest things to obtain in today's society, but through the utilization of progressive technologies and by implementing a simple reward system, the most routine tasks can become fierce competitions with elaborate story-lines.

Everyone wants to be a leader, but no one knows how. There’s a large sum of excuses that are attached to the failures of attempting to disrupt the norm, but what if it didn't have to be so difficult? It is a thought that keeps many up at night, yet few have come to a logical conclusion.

Peerion, a gamified solutions platform, will be resolving real world problems through meaningful experiences. The powerful tools being offered combined with the game-like rewards system will assist the members of the community, or peers, as they reclaim the spirit and passion they once felt in life.

There is a serious dilemma with the structure and integrity of the current systems in place. By transforming them into decentralized, transparent and honest entities, people can begin to make a difference within their local community, as well as become part of a revitalized global equilibrium.

To do this, the right instruments must be implemented in order to guide those individuals who wish to become leaders. Peerion’s unique set of smart tools will assist everyone, from the average to the tech-savvy, as they begin their unique gamer experience.

One example is Peerion’s set of ‘Lesson Tools.' These will allow anyone, from anywhere in the world, to host or join live classes, create webinars, hold private lessons, and even automate the daily tasks that go along with performing these services. The idea behind this is to decentralize schooling, which in turn offers the people of the world a greater opportunity in life.

Connecting individuals on a global scale creates more efficient and more effective learning experiences. Allowing the host to pay for classes or hold seminars for free enables the community to expedite their progression.

Within the Peerion Platform, peers will also have the power to petition for things such as funding; in order to create new classes or hire qualified teachers. Doing so provides individuals with a voice that can incite change.

To become a leader, one must be willing to grow before they can begin to influence the lives of others. Self motivation is a key factor and is oftenties difficult to obtain without guidance or rewards.

Human beings are wired to react to instant gratification, which is why Peerion will implement this type of structure in the form of game-like scenarios. Offering bounties in real world situations in order to stimulate change.

Peerion will encourage an entrepreneurial mindset by making everyday tasks worthwhile. Through gamification, the jobs that most see as dull or monotonous will become fun and exciting; reviving the passion that was once experienced through childhood.

Peers will collect tokens for simple tasks that aid in their growth and incentivize their honesty and activity within the community. Content creators can receive tips, which in turn promotes credibility, stimulating writers to continue to follow their passions. Developers will be directly rewarded for creating progressive or useful Dapps that assist in the overall construct of the decentralized platform. Encouraging them to not only better the environment for monetary purposes, but to improve the space they inhabit.

Peers can personally influence the communities around them by becoming philanthropists on the platform. For instance, peers can start a nonprofit, which essentially is a transparent automated contract that will lock up funds until they are approved, distributing them according to specific, predetermined guidelines. This allows peers to support a cause in a more powerful way, successfully giving every peer the ability to take action and become hero.

These are just a few of the ways that becoming a leader can be initiated through the innovative technologies of tomorrow.

To not only be the first, but to believe that you can make a difference, and then to be the one to make the difference; these are the thoughts of a leader and it is the mindset that can affect a generation.

True leadership comes from within; the individuals who take chances and do things that others are too afraid to do, understand this best. There are already many leaders in the world, disrupting society in order to progress the future, but by adding a few creative tools and a game-like reward system, the mindset of a leader can spread like wildfire.

Leaders create leaders by inciting change, just as a single match can ignite a fire.

Peerion is being developed to add substance and credibility to the blockchain space with a gameful platform. HyperionX, the organization behind the Peerion, is developing a product to provide opportunities that will motivate the individual to utilize their mind and expand their potential in a user-friendly competitive atmosphere.

Leaders can be from anywhere and can do anything, once given the chance to do so. That is one of the driving factors behind the Peerion Platform.

Given the opportunity, incentive and proper set of tools, anyone can become a leader and can be free to grow! #WithRootForce

Copyright © 2020 by HyperionX

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