Why Content Creators and Influencers are Leaving YouTube for Blockchain

YouTube is the second-most popular website as of 2019 (based on statistics from Alexa Internet). According to the company's press page, YouTube has over one billion users and each day those users watch more than one billion hours of video.

As time progresses, the censorship of content on the platform has increased and continues to climb at an exponential rate in some countries throughout the world.

From influencers who have millions of views on their content, micro influencers who have hundreds of thousands of views, to someone putting up a video on how to train a dog, with only a few hundred views, censorship is becoming more and more common.

And people are getting tired of it!

Granted, some of us may not want to see some of the things that are being banned, and in the moment will cheer the fact that it was taken down. But, along with that comes the fact that YouTube is taking down content that some may find very interesting; for instance, alternative health care. You’ll never get to see it though. The movement is proving that content censorship may be much further along than we already thought.

The fact of the matter is, we no longer have the choice.

The realization is down right scary. To an influencer who counts on the huge following and an income based off of it, it’s horrifying. In all honesty, it should be just as disturbing to the person who’s looking for information they genuinely want to know, but has been censored.

YouTubers Find Blockchain

You’ve probably heard of blockchain by now, in some form. Most recently, it shows up in the news as one of the buzzwords when speaking about modern day financial transactions. But it’s so much more than that!

Organizations that are building on blockchain technology continue to infiltrate every level of the internet, from how Amazon keeps track of their products, to how musicians distribute music, to how concert tickets are sold.

These blockchain networks are decentralized and in doing so, create markets for content creators where the censorship factor completely disappears. A person’s assets and data are secured, their voices and opinions hold weight and their experience won’t be dictated by one centralized source.

YouTubers have been banned for many different reasons, whether it be political statements, beliefs, or a toy someone feels is unsafe. The consequence: an implicit ban. A decision to take down content is out of your control; it is a centralized decision that leaves people feeling helpless.

Internet users are indeed tired of being censored and new blockchain platforms are being developed where, instead of competing against others for views, the platform rewards creators for supporting one another.

Influencers who have been shut down are seeking these platforms out and with no middleman cuts or crazy advertising fees, the benefits will soon be apparent. Those who have no idea what blockchain is, will be flocking to get on it.


There are already blockchain platforms that support video sharing with incentives to tip and reward for content, versus the creator paying for likes and shares. Peerion is taking it further by developing a smart market ecosystem that will become the foundation for a variety of marketplaces, content creators, course teachers, eCommerce apps and other entrepreneurial endeavors to incubate and grow!

Peerion is a multifaceted platform that will cater to the needs of a variety of users, acting as a community driven space for people to connect with incentives for interactions, collaborations and good content creation. The tokenized ecosystem is the alternative to a world in which you need to pay to play. Your content won’t be censored and you’ll be rewarded for sharing.

One might call it an educational system to a new economy, but because of the gamified way in which it has been developed, it is much more fun to participate in than the average. Peerion is for the non technical and the tech savvy, to cooperatively build their own entrepreneurial experiences.

Developers can develop, musicians can sell their music, teachers will get paid for their courses and nonprofits can raise money. All this within a network where your time is meaningful, your data is secure and your reputation holds clout.

Is it any wonder why more and more people will flee YouTube and other similar platforms for this new ecosystem?

To find out more check out Peerion.io and join the Telegram and Discord communities.

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